Hospitality is a key value in our family. With the creation of Maisons Labruyère in 2018, it now represents the Group's fourth strategic area (alongside wine-growing, commercial real estate and private equity). Labruyère Group is also the leading shareholder of the H8 Collection Group, alongside its president and founder, Jean-Philippe Cartier.


Drawing their inspiration from family homes, Maisons Labruyère – located in Paris and Bordeaux – offer upmarket stays with a concierge service, where hospitality, sharing and excellence reign, reflecting the values of our wine tradition. Ideally situated in the heart of major tourist spots and iconic districts, Maisons Labruyère invite you to relax and enjoy a quiet escape thanks to its high-quality welcome and discreet care and attention.   /

H8 Collection

A perfect mix of luxury and simplicity, elegance and modernity, each hotel in the H8 Collection Group is unique: push the door open and it’s as though an entire region lies at your feet! From the Alps to Brittany, from the Loire Valley to Provence and as far as Paris, a discreet charm and exceptional service are waiting for you. Staying in an H8 hotel is above all an experience – a hospitality, cultural or culinary experience that offers a particular conception of your stay.