Other activities


Spurred on by strong curiosity and desire to enrich our expertise, Labruyère Group is developing new professions in high growth potential areas alongside expert and innovative people.


Coutume is a French roasting house for fine coffee founded in Paris in 2010 by Tom Clark. The company owns several coffee centred venues in Paris and Geneva and also supplies many high-end cafés, hotel and restaurants with coffee and machines (as well as companies looking for quality). Coutume is considered to be one of the pioneers in transforming the coffee culture in France. It is very active in enhancing exceptional terroirs with direct and fair sourcing from producers in the coffee belt. This investment reflects the past roasting activities of the group in the heart of the Macon factory created by Maurice Labruyère and sold on later to the ‘Cafés Grand Mère’ brand.

SMS Labruyère

SMS is a software publishing company, expert in managing and developing information systems, distinctively oriented in the transport field thanks to its associated ERP bringing knowledge to our customers in various domains (web, telecom, facilities, desktop tools, servers, firewalls, networks and databases, etc.). SMS also develops intranet and extranet portals, electronic invoicing modules, document certification and electronic document management.



In addition to our operating role for different professions, Labruyère Group manages equity on its own behalf both on and off the stock exchange and directly (as a minority) or through equity funds. At Labruyère Group we devote significant attention to transposing our values into our investments without any sectoral or strategic restrictions